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A taste of the Gambia. West Africa cooking. THICK EBBEH SOUP. Leybato beach bar and restaurant Hotel the Gambia.

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The Gambia living a special holiday that you will never forget. The Gambia indeed a spcial place. Situated either on side of the Gambia river, enclosured in Senegal. The Gambia boast a stunning array of sights, sounds and flavoursand lush tropical forests . Settled on the tip of a beach-lined, Gambia's capital Banjul and its busy streets with vibrant markets. Banjul is arrounded by mangrove forests.

Gambia's capital Banjul, West Africa' s most understated city which has a vibrant urban culture without the inner-city bustle.

Gambia Fajara Beach SandMost foreigners come to the Gambia for its beaches, and for good reason.Wide strips of white sand invite you to swim and sunbathe - in the built-up resort zones a lazy day at the beach can be followed by a cocktail trail at night, the coast's charming fishing village beaches are dotted with hundreds of colourful wooden pirogues.
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Gambia Fajara Beach Sand Gambia River Hotel

The Gambia Rivers, is broken up into a maze of thick mangroves, tiny creeks, wide lagoons and shimmering plains and hundreds of bird species, from tiny, gleaming kingfishers to proudly poised pink flamingos. A river leisurely cruise along the Gambia River is a must.

Gambia River Hotel

Golf in Gambia
Joint the Golf Club Play on the Browns!

While in the Gamibia on Holiday. Enjoy a game of Golf on your Gambia Holiday! The Fajara Club Public group

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