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When is the best time to fly to The Gambia?

Small Gambia just 30 miles wide and uninterrupted sunshine year round due to its location by the Equator. It is a cheap destination for visitors to take cheap flights to The Gambia. Inexpensive exotic  tourist area are hugs the coastline. White sandy beach palm trees, blue seas and sunshine. A classic beach holiday in Africa without going broke. Banjul, the capital, on the Southern side of the river. Banjul International Airport in Yundum, is about 50 minutes away from the city centre and is where all flights land in The Gambia. Many tourist, travellers only use Banjul as a gateway to The Gambia. A day trip to the city of Banjul is well worth it. You might even buy some African style cloths or gifts cheap as a few cents.  Accommodation in Banjul is plenty if you are looking for budget hotels there are  also a handful of luxury spa hotels. Where you can spoil yourself in a luxury massage  for half the price you pay back home.

The temperatures generally gets warm inland, but remain cooler along the coast. The Gambia has a subtropical climate with a dry season and a rainy season. Most popular season for travel is the less rain reason which is October to April. This is the period you should be looking for cheap flights to Gambia. With Tour operators offering package tours to The Gambia during this season accommodation prices will be higher but still relatively cheap.



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