The Gambia

Welcome to the Fajara Club – Gambia

Welcome to The Gambia Serekunda, Brikama and Fajara.

Gambia river-scene Fajara Golf Club Tour and Travel Bakau crocodile wild life farm the Gambia river boats
Fajara club Gambia women Gambia sunset Gambia island - Fajara club Gambia

Where is Fajara  The Gambia

The Gambia  as the smallest country on the continent packs its captivating charm of attractions. Enclosed by Senegal, Surrounding Gambia to the North, South and to the East is Senegal.  The Gambia has 80km of fantastic coastline. A impressive stretch of white golden beaches with palms trees and wind,amazing lagoons,  fishing villages in the sun. Exquisitely situated on either side of the Gambia River which flows through the midle of the country and falls into the Atlantic Ocean. With an area of 10,689 square kilometres and a population of 1,857,181 as of the April 2013 census. Banjul is the capital and the largest cities are Serekunda, Brikama and Fajara. Fajara is a beautiful, fantastic town.

Fajara Town

Landing at Yundum International Airport

There are many hotels and guest houses 15-minute drive from  Yundum International Airport or Gunjur.  Many comfortable lodge and hotels offers free Wi-Fi. From the  Yundum International Airport to the beach coast line it just a 30 minute drive. ‘Its up to you where you want to start your travel with nature or on the beach. The Yundum International Airport is less than a 30-minute drive, to the coast beach line and so you are surely spoilt for hotel choices. Some hotels, bar restaurant  and nature lodgings are not to far and really nice for a night stay over.

Two Bigs Serekunda and Brikama

Welcome to The Gambia Serekunda and Brikama but Fajara is the BEST!
Serekunda is the largest urban centre in The Gambia situated 13 km from the capital, Banjul. Its formed by nine villages growing together as one urban area. Serekunda means “home of the Sayer family” and is named after its founder, Sayerr Jobe.  Serekunda is the grand-old-market African style. In Brikama you get the best of both worlds. Beaches, Gambian culture plus nature. In the morning the fresh fragrant coffee, the beautiful walks on the beach or walk  with nature, the walk into the fun of simple life, the good food and local people. You’ll feel just right at you new home with white sandy beaches, sun and palm trees.

The Fajara Club GambiaIt’s surely a amazing place and not to be missed by the traveller. A key factor of the country’s shape was this British colony on the Gambia River, first by the Portuguese. In May 1765, The Gambia was made a part of the British Empire. The Gambia gained its independence under the leadership of Dawda Jawara.  Dawda ruled the Gambia until Yahya Jammeh seized power in a bloodless coup in 1994. In 2017 Adama Barrow became The Gambia’s third president by defeating Jammeh. The Gambia’s economy is dominated by farming, fishing and, especially, Travel and tourism The Gambia.

Languages English is the official language, but frequently spoken are Mandinka and Wolof, Pulaar (Fulbe), Serer, Diola, and Soninke. Religion The population is overwhelmingly Muslim. There are small numbers of Christians – Roman Catholic. Some devotee of traditional beliefs maxed into all religions. Some Muslim clerics are literate in Arabic.

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Fajara club Gambia women Gambia island - Fajara club Gambia
Gambia river-scene Fajara Golf Club Gambia sunset Gambia island - Fajara club Gambia

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For Expatriates an locals looking for the Best schools in The Gambia West Africa.

Gambia sunset Gambia island - Fajara club Gambia

Gambia river-scene Fajara Golf Club
Gambia island - Fajara club Gambia

Tour and Travel Bakau crocodile wild life farm the Gambia river boats

Fajara Club Golf Committee AGM held on 15th February 2017

  The Fajara Golf Course 

Banjul American Embassy School

: Fajara
BAES was founded in 1984 by former staff of the American diplomatic mission. For children of between early childhood preschool kindergarten, elementary & middle school. The fee paying

Banjul American Embassy School
P.O.BOX 2596 Serrekunda The Gambia
Tel: (220) 449-5920 Fax: (220) 449-7181

Official Mail:
Banjul American Embassy School,
2070 Banjul Place, Dulles, VA 20189-2070

Ecole Francaise de Banjul

Location: Fajara
Website:    www.ecole-francaise-gambie
AEFE is a French language school for students age 2 to 16 years old.
All the main subjects plus English are taught.

Marina International School

Location: Bakau
Started in the 1950s it has over 1,000 pupils starting from nursery (3 years) up to Form 7 level (16 years).
It is owned by the P.T.A which elects the board of governors. Fees are not as high as BAES.

Rainbow Early Development Centre

Location: Fajara
A daycare centre with nursery and primary levels.
Situated in a residential area of Fajara with an easy access road.

Rainbow Early Development Centre
International School
Fajara M Section, Ksmd (Off Kairaba Avenue)
Banjul area
The Gambia, West Africa
Tel no: +220 7000459 or 9948256

Shiloh International School [SBEC]

Location: Bijilo
SBEC was began in 2001 as a private English & French school.
Teaching levels are daycare, foundation, junior and high school.

Shiloh International School
Banjul area, Bijilo
Kanifing Municipal area, Ksmd
PMB 694, Serrekunda
The Gambia

Tel no: +220 4462754
Mobile:          9938487

Zenith Preparatory School

Location: Fajara
This international private schools in the Gambia has over 400 students located in a quiet residential district of Fajara.
The School covers nursery, primary up to six years.

Zenith Preparatory School
Banjul area
Fajara Golf Course
Fajara M Section
P.O. Box 91, Banjul
The Gambia

Tel no: +220 4494233
7793386, 9780427
Fax:              4495319

Banjul Hash House Harriers – the Gambia West Africa

Gambia river-scene Fajara Golf Club Gambia island - Fajara club Gambia Tour and Travel Bakau crocodile wild life farm the Gambia river boats Gambia sunset Gambia island - Fajara club Gambia Fajara club Gambia women

Fajara Golf Club

The Fajara Golf Course Gambia a 18 hole par 69 golf course next to the beach. Fajara Club has many activity to offer all ages.



See information posted at:
Fajara Golf Club,
Churchills Restaurant & Bar Kololi.

TIME: 17.45 ON ON!!

For more info :
Gambian Hash House
Contact Information :
Michael Meyer Romeo
Telephone :
+220 7704949

Anna Braren
00220 9989171
00220 7989171

John Freestone 0020 7959595

Bart Goossens
00220 752728

Wadad Ruhl
00220 7777398